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Aerobic Process

We specialize in aerobic treatment process for wastewater treatment of pulp&paper.

We have tow types of aerobic processes. One is CAS(continuous actived sluge) system,another is SBR(sequeencing batch reactor) system.Mostly, we suggest to ues jet aerators for above systems in treating the wastewater of pulp&paper plants.However, we also can provide fine bubble aerators if the client requires.


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Jet Aerator

Jet aerators are applied across a wide range of water, wastewater and biosolids treatment applications. Their primary purpose is to transfer oxygen to the liquid or sludge.


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EDI Fine Bublle Diffusers

Aeration is more than the supply of oxygen and mixing. Aeration is the cornerstone of biological wastewater treatment and controls the treatment performance and operational economics of the entire wastewater treatment facility. Analysis of wastewater treatment plant costs repeatedly shows that aeration accounts for 50 to 80% of the overall plant-operating budget. Without the right aeration technology and a properly designed aeration system, treatment performance and plant operating cost objectives cannot be attained.EDI has a full line of products and systems and has a demonstrated ability to deliver high value, cost effective aeration solutions for even the most challenging applications.

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EDI Fine Bubble Aeration Start-up
EDI Aeration System Start-up
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Active Sludge Seed
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Floating Decanter Without Motor
A kind of floating decanter,Do not need motor to work. Using air to ensure the big capacity of discharge.
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Jet Aeration Strart-up

Jet Aeration start-up in Ji'nan

Jet Aeratin Start-up --- Anhui Shanying Paper Mill

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